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Perfect Eyebrows

Follow the instructions below to ensure a fantastic eyebrow shape. Everybody will want to know your secret.

A) Align a pen from the corner of your nose to the top of the eye socket. Any hair visible from the outside of the pen to the opposite eyebrow should be removed to create an even proportion from eyebrow to eyebrow.

B) Using the pen as a guide to create the perfect arch, follow the line from the outside of your cornea to the top of the brow. This should be the highest point of your eyebrow.

C) Hold the pen at the corner of your nose and move it diagonally to the furthest point of your eyebrow towards your ear. This is the perfect length for any eyebrow.

D) You should be able to see you have created an invisible even line from A to D. Et voilà, perfect shaped eyebrows.

If you follow this simple guide to creating the perfect eyebrow shape you will never be in danger of over plucking the wrong areas.

Teaming an eyebrow wax with a tint makes the brow appear fuller, thicker and defines your face.Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins.

Hannah and Lauren x

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